Based on its recent analysis of the Automated Drone industry, Frost & Sullivan recognized Airobotics with the 2018 Global New Product Innovation Award for its first-of-a-kind completely autonomous drone platform.

“The Airobotics system is a unique drone platform that is completely automated from end to end: launching, gathering data, payload and battery switching, and docking,” said Arjun Mehta, Research Analyst.

Frost & Sullivan analysis concludes that Airobotics’ innovative drone system is best positioned to meet the inspection, surveillance, emergency response, and surveying and mapping demands of customers in numerous industries. With its strong overall performance, Airobotics has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 New Product Innovation Award in the global automated drone industry. 


Download the report to read about:

  • Why Frost & Sulllivan expects Airobotics will become a formidable player in the commercial drone space in the next 2 to 3 years
  • An in-depth report on Airobotics' impact on the commercial drone industry and significance of the innovation
  • Why Airobotics earned Frost & Sullivan's 2018 New Product Innovation Award in the global automated drone industry
  • The unique features & durable design of Airobotics, an industry-first automated drone platform
  • How Frost & Sullivan's research and consulting teams analyzed Airobotics' performance