ICL - From Traditional Surveying to
Automated Drone Surveying
Drones are raICL mockup-1.pngpidly becoming accepted as a surveying and mapping tool, particularly for the mining industry.
Aerial imagery collected during the drone mission is processed on the ground via photogrammetry to yield highly accurate 3D surface models. 
This case study explains how ICL is utilizing Airobotics' fully automated drone system for its routine surveying needs.
With the Airobotics system, ICL can now gain access to accurate data (volumetric information of its diverse stockpile areas) without the logistics and liability associated with traditional surveying methods. 
Apart from being cost-effective and offering increased safety, the transition to a drone-based solution will ensure smooth and continuous operations, which was a challenge in the past, when site operations had to be halted to take measurements. 
Download the case study to read about:
  • How ICL transitioned from traditional surveying to Airobotics Drone-based system
  • An investigation into the data produced by the aerial surveying method
  • A look into benefits provided by aerial data methods, such as:
    • Decreased mission time
    • Cost-reduction
    • Increased safety
    • Accurate data